What exactly is Self Storage?

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How much space do I need?

Naturally, It varies from business to business or person to person. We can work it out for you. Give us a call on 01481 700077 and discuss your requirements with one of our store managers. We’re sure we’ll have a size to suit your needs.

How secure would my room be?

Our facilities are protected by a tailored access system, which only allows current customers into each building. Every customer has their own unique entry code and we log every entry and exit from our buildings. Your unit is secured by your own padlock and the units are individually alarmed too. For added piece of mind both buildings have their own independent network of CCTV cameras, constantly recording.

How long can I have the unit for?

A few of our customers have been with us since our earliest days and the majority may only need the extra space for a month or two. We aim to be as flexible as possible, so our minimum period is just one week.

Does Guernsey Self Store offer any discounts for longer periods?

For those customers willing to sign up for a month at a time, we automatically reduce the ‘weekly’ rate. Even larger discounts are available for customers wishing to commit to fixed terms.

What can I store in my unit?

Our specially designed units are built to keep your contents secure and dry and our customers are permitted to store almost anything they like (as long as it’s legal!). However, in the interests of Health & Safety and the comfort of other customers, there are a few restrictions. Predominately items you wouldn’t want to store in your own home; a complete list can be obtained from our store managers.

Can I store commercial items?

Some of our biggest customers are local businesses storing stock, parts, tools, paperwork etc. Providing the items fall within our guidelines, we’re sure we will have a suitable storage unit for your requirements, but you may need to obtain your own insurance cover.

Will my items be insured?

It is a requirement that all goods placed in our stores are fully insured. We do include an amount of insurance which varies with the unit size, but you are welcome to arrange you own insurance. Please note that the majority of domestic insurance cover does not include the storage of goods ‘away from home’.

Can I change my storage size?

We pride ourselves on providing flexible storage spaces on a week by week basis. Providing there is a suitable unit available it is easy to upsize or downsize a unit to suit your needs.

I have some large/heavy items, can I get help to move these?

There are trolleys and sack trucks on site, but you may want to engage the services of a ‘Man and a Van’. Our store managers would be happy to provide a short list of local companies our customers have used and recommend. Although our lifts are certified to move up to 2000 kgs, please note that the floor loading on the first and second floors must not exceed 500kgs per sq metre (100lbs per sq.ft).


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