5 Common Misconceptions about Self Storage

Just as people often wrongly assume that there is more caffeine in an expresso coffee that there is in a fully cup of freshly brewed coffee (when in fact the reverse is true), there are misconceptions surrounding self storage.

Here we will look at some commonly held misconceptions people have about facilities such as Guernsey Self Store.

It is commonly assumed that units must be rented out for lengthy periods of time when in fact, we are happy to take your items short term.  Often students will need a locker to store their summer items or a family moving home will need a unit to store their furniture and belongings until their new home is available.

Others think that our facility must be expensive as it is state-of-the-art with CCTV cameras running 24 hours and a fully open office.  In fact, not only are our prices reasonable and competitive they are often reassuringly low in price, especially when looking at where the unit is located in the building and the size of the unit taken.

Some think we offer limited services, restricted only to letting out units.  Did you know we have office space, music practice rooms as well as a box shop and van we can loan you for your larger items?

Many think that they simply don’t need our facility at all.  Some have spare rooms they could earn extra cash for by clearing out their possessions and popping them over to us, businesses can use us for the seasonal periods when their stock needs change and we all have too much paperwork that we don’t know what to do with, which could be boxed up and brought down to us to store securely.

How many of these self storage misconceptions did you have?

if you would like to know more about Guernsey Self Store and our two locations, come on down and visit us or call us on 700077.