Change of Seasons, Change of Use









Here at Guernsey Self Store we find that this time of year becomes busier in store.  After the lull of the summer, business starts to roll on into Christmas and jobs left during the long summer months become more urgent at home.

More often than not businesses see a change of stock in store and so items are moved from store to our self store and seasonal items are taken back to the shop.

Paperwork also needs a keen eye cast over it and both businesses and private individuals who store their documents with us need to come to their units and archive or retrieve their administration.

Private individuals will take the time this month to change across their stored winter clothing and lovingly pack away their summer clothes.  But also, units used as ‘garden sheds’ see garden furniture stored here until the return of the warmer seasons next year.

Autumn is a wonderful season for change and growth and if you need to discuss your storage or archiving needs please do get in touch with us at or call us on 700077.

We hope to see you in store soon!