Storage at Christmas

Christmas is coming!  Here at Guernsey Self Store we are getting very excited about the holiday season….

Running an E-Bay Business From Home

With more than 200,000 businesses trading on E-Bay this year and many of them being small to medium sized enterprises run from home….

Change of Seasons, Change of Use

Here at Guernsey Self Store we find that this time of year becomes busier in store…….

5 Common Misconceptions about Self Storage

Just as people often wrongly assume that there is more caffeine in an expresso coffee that there is in a fully cup of freshly brewed coffee….

5 Reasons to Choose Guernsey Self Store

  1. Our customers rated us 4.8 stars out of 5 stars!

Ideas for Self Storage – Collectables

People collect all kinds of weird and wonderful objects….

Moving In Together?

Moving in together can be a very exciting time in a couple’s relationship.

5 Ways We Can Help You When You Move

There are many ways that Guernsey Self Store can help you move but here are our top 5:

Spot The Van Winner!

Last month we ran our ‘Spot The Van’ competition to celebrate the launch of our new, bright yellow Guernsey Self Store Van.

Frequently Asked Question – What Size Unit Do I Need?

When you transfer your items to Guernsey Self Store you will need to consider the size of unit you need.  Luckily we are experts….

Storage By Numbers

Take a look at our infographic explaining Guernsey Self Store by numbers:

A Day In The Life of A Self Store Manager

As the Manager of Guernsey Self Store I always have busy, varied days…

Spot The Van and Win £100

Take a photo of our van as it drives around Guernsey this week.

Weird and Wonderful Storage Items

Our team were recently interviewed by local radio presenter Jenny Kendall Tobias about the more interesting items stored here at Guernsey Self Store.

5 Unmistakeable Signs That You Need Self Storage

You know that you have excess personal items or too little space for your work stock but you may just be thinking about putting up with it or working around the clutter.  Stop!  Before you do….

Want Some Space? Maybe it’s a Man Cave you’re dreaming of….?

A Man Cave may be the answer to all your problems…..

Not Just Self Storage

When you think of Self Storage, the word ‘glamourous’ probably doesn’t feature on any likely list of descriptions but!

Storage Wars UK

Storage Wars UK – what’s the possibility of the popular US-type auction happening at our storage facility?

How Can We Help You During The Festive Period?

During December we have noticed our customers are busy rushing about…

When Your Children Move Out And Their Belongings Stay Put

Chatting to our customers and understanding their storage needs is one of the best things about working at Guernsey Self Store.

Store with Guernsey Self Store in Five Simple Steps

Take a look at our fun infographic:

Join Us at the Home Life Show

From Friday to Sunday this week Guernsey Self Store will be exhibiting at the Home Life Show in St Peter Port.

Space in Space – Yes! Even Spacemen need Storage

Here at Guernsey Self Store we like to think of our storage units as your space, at our place. And that got us thinking, is ‘space’ needed in Space?

Ideas for Self Storage – Brides-to-Be

Becoming a bride, and all the planning that goes into your dream day can often feel like a military operation.

Customer who took part in our survey wins £100

Earlier this year we sent out emails to customers past and present, in order to gauge how our service and premises were viewed.  We were delighted to receive a 96% satisfaction rating – we were rated 4.8* out of a possible 5*.

Our Customers Rate Us 4.8 Out Of 5*

Here at Guernsey Self Store we are incredibly proud of our self stores in both Pitronnerie Road and Braye Road.  They are state of the art premises…

Why Do I Need Self Storage?

So, you have a spare room, loft or garage and think you would be better off storing your items in one of those places rather than at our self storage facility?

5 Simple Steps to Self Storage Success

Is storing your own items really so simple?

How to Expand Your Business Without Moving Your Business

Starting out in business brings many practical considerations. One of the most important of all is…

New Year, new resolutions?

Are you are like many thousands of others who, on January 1st, resolved to do at least one positive thing this new year?

So, what exactly is Self Storage?

You store your items at our place, rather than yours.

Individuals will typically store household items whilst businesses will most frequently store archived records and/or excess stock.  Each person storing items will be assigned their own storage space that they have complete control over, for the duration of the term they wish to use the space for.  Access to the storage space is permitted 24 hours a day 7 days a week, 365 days a year.  You enter our premises using a pin code system and access your individual storage space with your personal padlock.  We do not have access to your storage space.

We’re Open For Business – Your Business

Hi there,

Here at Guernsey Self Store we are well aware of how expensive the rates are for business premises, so why pay those prices only to have a proportion of your valuable business space taken up with storage?