How to Expand Your Business Without Moving Your Business

Starting out in business brings many practical considerations. One of the most important of all is, undoubtedly location, location, location. Some of the biggest worries for a new business is – are the premises I am looking at the correct size for what I need? What if I expand? What if I need smaller premises than I am committing to?

Most businesses would be delighted to have the problem of expanding quickly because of a successful strategy but along with that also brings worries and concerns about how your business is going to adapt to growing commitments.

With over 6 years experience with helping growing businesses adapt to their changing needs we are well placed in Guernsey to help business owners transition through their growth and are often called upon to provide extra room for our customers to grow. Our customers call us if they need extra square footage from 7 days through to long term leasing of space.

Some examples of how we can help the business owner are:

Help in fulfilling large orders by storing extra stock on our premises;

Providing office space including wi-if to allow for seasonal staff;

Archiving space for when you are snowed-under with documents.

We have also seen many on-line traders selling from their own websites or auction sites such as E-bay or web-marketplaces like Amazon, who run their businesses from home but store their stock at Guernsey Self Store.

With 24-hour unlimited access 24/7 365 days of the year, our business owners run their business according to their time tables, not ours.

So, if you’re a business owner on Guernsey and would like help to expand your business by renting space with us – long or short-term, then call us now on 700077.

Alternatively, email us at

If you would like any further information then follow this link:

We’re here to help Guernsey business in any way we can.

Thanks for reading and see you in store soon,

The Team at Guernsey Self Store

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