A Day In The Life of A Self Store Manager

As the Manager of Guernsey Self Store I always have busy, varied days and I am
pleased to say that no day is ever the same. I have full responsibility for both the Pitronnerie Road site as well as our original Braye Road industrial estate self store.

I’m usually based at Pitronnerie Road and will grab a quick coffee and make my rounds of the units. I’ll check all units are secure, as well as ensuring all corridors, stairways and lifts are clean and orderly. Our customers are really good at keep the place neat but I may have to return the occasional loading trolley back to it’s position by the doors – I want them to be as close as possible for my customers when they arrive so they are easy and convenient to locate.

Sometimes on my tour of the facility I will bump into one or more customers who are using our store that day. Many of our customers are business owners who store stock at the premises and who will be there to grab stock, reload more stock or taking a stock take. I’m always fascinated to take a look inside and marvel at just how much they can fit inside our units!

It’s great to get feedback from our customers and I’m happy to report that on most occasions we can’t do anything else to help. On the rare occasion that things are not entirely satisfactory I will endeavour to find a swift solution. It is vital to us here at Guernsey Self Store that our customers are content with our facilities and service.

Once I’ve finished my rounds I will take a look at any emails that have arrived over night, as well as new website enquiries. Dealing with all of those and making/taking phone calls will take up much of my morning and coupled with more customers popping in and pavement enquiries it will now be almost lunchtime.

At this point, I will have checked our CCTV monitors numerous times. We have CCTV cameras positioned both externally as well as internally in the public areas (although never within the units themselves) and I like to keep an eye on them frequently. It provides an excellent security deterrent as well as peace of mind for our customers. As our facilities are open 24/7/365, it really does mean our customers can come on site at 3am on a Sunday if they wish, and that security is a primary concern for them.

Grabbing my lunch I will jump into our brand new bright yellow van and head over to Braye Road industrial estate. We are positioned opposite Moonpig and have been here since 2009. I am particularly proud of this site as it was our first one and brought state-of-the-art self store to Guernsey. We introduced pincodes to the front door which allowed our customers for the first time to truly be the masters of their own belongings 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Keying in my personal pincode I will open up my office, check if any one is in the building by checking our panel of CCTV cameras and then take a walk around. If units are taken I will check their padlocks are correctly fitted, check the communal areas are clean and clutter-free and that loading trolleys have been returned to their loading bay by the front entrance. Our lifts can hold 2000kgs so trolleys are vital for the convenience of our customers moving their items easily from vehicle to unit.

Whilst at either store I am still able to field telephone calls and I also have a second computer in the Braye Road office so I am always in reach. I will take a look at more emails and requests for information as well as check our social media outlets. Guernsey Self Store can be found on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Instagram. Often I will have scheduled a meeting with a potential new customer and am pleased to show them the different units we have and talk through our rates. To make it as convenient as possible for our customers we do not ask for long leases and most units can be taken for as little as a week. We even have locker space for students which they find very convenient.

One of our new services we offer is self archiving. Most individuals, as well as businesses, understand that paperwork, whether it’s legal are financial, needs to be retained for 7 years. So, to save cluttering vital home or office space, customer can store their own items in one of our storage units. Many new customers enquire about our ready-shelved units for just this purpose.

Once I have completed any meetings at Braye Road I will jump back into my bright yellow van and head back over to Pitronnerie Road to finish for the day. I always like to take one final look around the facility, tidying the communal areas and saying hello to any customers before checking the CCTV cameras are fully operational before closing up the office for the night. I will check over tomorrow’s diary to see if we have any removals scheduled (we loan out our yellow van to new customers to move the larger objects they can’t fit into their own vehicle). Then, with lights turned out in the office, the door locked and CCTV screens on, I’ll head off home for the night.

If you would like to take a look around our self storage facilities with no obligation to sign up, please contact me on 700077 or email me at