Ideas for Self Storage – Brides-to-Be

Becoming a bride, and all the planning that goes into your dream day can often feel like a military operation.

The ‘wed-min’, lists and documentation itself, can often run into more than one ring binder. There’s potential meetings to co-ordinate with caterers, chauffeurs, bridesmaids and more. And now, canny brides-to-be are realising that taking a self store unit for the duration of the run up to their wedding, can keep them from turning into the dreaded Bridezilla.

The unit she takes need not be large, but having her own space to store files, wedding favours and menu plans will help keep the items from being spread throughout her home and centred in one place. Often arriving at the unit will focus thoughts on the matter in hand.

Setting up a rail or two will create the perfect place to store the all-important wedding dress as well as the abundance of bridesmaid dresses. And don’t forget the veil, hair accessories and shoes which also need a home until the big day. If she needs somewhere to store the wedding rings then as long as the insurance on the unit covers the replacement value, then storing the jewellery in the unit, which is padlocked and monitored by CCTV is the safest place they could be.

Using one of the walls to attach a list of the ever-growing ‘to-do’ list will keep the bride’s thoughts focused and with dates and times that jobs need to be achieved by, ie. order the wedding cake or the wedding rings, deadlines should never be missed.

Just researching weddings, including venues creates a whole lot of brochures and magazines. To stop them cluttering her living room, bathroom and bedside table a storage unit would provide ample space for all the extra paperwork. Indeed, a filing cabinet and storage boxes set up in the unit would provide the ideal place to keep everything in one place and declutter the bride-to-be’s home space, leaving it a tranquil place for the future-weds to unwind without the looming wedding being a constant reminder.