Space in Space – Yes! Even Spacemen need Storage

Here at Guernsey Self Store we like to think of our storage units as your space, at our place. And that got us thinking, is ‘space’ needed in Space?

Knowing very little about the subject we set to work researching storage in space and discovered that there is actually demand for storing your items and that space is at a premium. In fact, space is at such a premium that only 1kg of items can be stored at any one time.

Robert Frost trains International Space Station astronauts and recounts on the website Quora that the Space Shuttle program institutes a Personal Preference Kit for each astronaut in which a maximum of 20 items can be carried. The total weight of these items can be no more than 1.5 pounds and take up no more room than 12cms x 20.5cms x 5cms and fit inside a bag provided by NASA. tells us that “Lockers house the astronauts’ personal belongings, including personal hygiene items, clothing, books, CDs and anything else they bought on their trip”.

With astronauts spending time in space often running into half a year of more that doesn’t seem like a lot of items for a long trip.

So, there is our answer – space really is needed in space!