When Your Children Move Out And Their Belongings Stay Put

Chatting to our customers and understanding their storage needs is one of the best things about working at Guernsey Self Store. We love listening to our customers stories and want to understand their life journeys which lead them to our self store.

Recently we have been asking our customers about why they use us and the overwhelming feedback we got  was the amount of items left at home when their grown-up children move out. Usually, their child might leave to go to University, travel or try a new city and new job for a while. In most cases that will be the last time they call your home their ‘home’ anymore. Whilst they are busy creating new lives in new properties, more often than not our customers are left with the memories…..and their old belongings.

School books, projects, keepsakes, gifts, favourite childhood items and clothing usually remain when their child moves on. Which is fine for a time, when you think it will be sorted through at a later date. But, when you realise that time isn’t coming and you are left with boxes of unused items, it’s time to do something about it. We have heard of parents repeatedly requesting their children to clear out their rooms, only for their pleas to fall on deaf ears. Sometimes, drastic action is taken and the whole room full of items is sent away to the tip. One customer admitted to doing that, to find their child’s jewellery, christening gifts and favourite teddy had been permanently lost! Young adults are rather good at clearing out and recycling items they no longer need so it’s highly likely that anything they have held on to is either valuable or sentimental.

For that reason we would never advocate throwing their items away, but instead bring them along to Guernsey Self Store to be stored safely and securely at one of our two locations. You would be surprised how often, just a locker will fit all their valuables or, one of our smaller units which is comparable to the size of a garden shed – for a very reasonable monthly sum.