5 Unmistakeable Signs That You Need Self Storage

You know that you have excess personal items or too little space for your work stock but you may just be thinking about putting up with it or working around the clutter.  Stop!  Before you do, check out our list of 5 unmistakeable signs that you need self storage:

1.  Your spare room has become so cluttered that you can no longer open the door or recall the colour of the wallpaper.  No one has actually slept in there since Auntie Mabel’s visit back in 2009.

2.  Your home office, once a room of quiet contemplation and free-flowing thoughts has now become a place where empty Amazon boxes are used for archiving old tax returns and your keyboard is balancing on last week’s post.

3.  Your dining room table has not had any food served on it for the past year, except for Christmas Day when you moved all your business stock from it and blocked up the front door with it instead – well, no-one actually goes out anyway on Christmas Day do they?

4.  Your loft reached full capacity when the kids moved out over a decade ago.  Lately, the sight of your bedroom ceiling bowing is giving you sleepless nights.

5.  You can’t walk past your garden shed without feeling pangs of guilt when you see your beloved prize-gnome’s face squashed up against the glass, a victim of one too many boxes stashed in there.

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